Soil Mechanic Laboratory

The Creation of soil by ancient geological processes means that soil properties may be rather different on different locations. Even in two very close locations the soil properties may be completely different. Therefore soil investigation is an essential part of geothenical engineering in determining what materials are present and what their properties are. Insufficient soil investigations may contribute to inapproriate designs and even failure of a structure. The soil mechanics laboratory of pelita harapan university has been operating since 1999. in year 2006, civil engineering department of uph has the opportunity to cooperate with PT. Wiratman & Ass., which is well known as one of the best architectural and engineering firm in indonesia and posses the knowledge and experience in carrying out various geothenical engineering analysis for a wide range of civil engineering projects. In cooperation with Pt. Wiratman & Ass., this laboratory is operated on a commercial basic, provides a complete range of proffesional soil investigations services to private and public sector. Moreover, researchers and academicians are welcomed to utilize the facilities of the laboratory.