Alumni Says

Felly. civil '01
Honestly, I’d never thought before to choose Civil Engineering as one of my life way. But there God sent me and I’ve never regretted it. Most of lessons in this major are difficult. Homework, tests, and experiments were our food. We were challenged to give our best. It was not just high scores, but also creativity and innovation. Working together with lecturers, staffs and friends to get better was a pleasure. Now I can say proudly, one reason I can stand today is because of all the things I got from my college years. Hopefully, in the future Civil Engineering of UPH can be one of the best Civil Engineering major in Indonesia.

Ranny, civil '02

I feel great to experience my study at UPH civil engineering. I gained opportunities to participate in national & international civil engineering students’ event. Those enriched my knowledge and experience. The lectures encourage and guide us to reach all the possibilities in implementing the studies. It’s great to study at UPH

Christopher, civil '02

Before entering UPH, I was somewhat uncertain about my capabilities in leadership. Although I spent my years at Elementary School as head of class for couple of times and also active in Junior High and Senior High School Organizations, I did that in just a mediocre manner. Just doing the routine activity. When I entered UPH, I’ve learned so many aspects of leadership that utilizes my potential. Two of those things are: I’ve learned to become more communicative (essential in how to “sell yourself”, presenting your ideas) and also how to manage an effective coordination (important aspect in executing a project).

At UPH, I am inspired by slogans that helped to guide my life. Some of these are “Responsibility Begins with Me” and”Think Big”. Besides that, at UPH I realize that live is not just a matter of common values about one’s competence, but also a matter of how do we take responsibility of our lives unto GOD, the Author of Life.

Both of these aspects –Leadership and a live full of purpose- is essential for each and every one of us. No matter what areas of knowledge that we ought to develop, these two aspects will make our lives to become meaningful; and not just merely a “living the routine” day by day, seven to five activities; so that we all can become not a person that only seeks for achievements, but rather we can become a complete person. To have an integrated life and not a fragmented one.

So, see you at UPH!

Merryana, civil '03

During my study year at UPH, I find that UPH always gives the best to its students. UPH provides its students with excellent facilities such as comfortable and high-technology library and class. Lecturers are eager to help the students both during the class and during their spare time. We have some lecturers who have practical experience for more than 10 years in certain field of studies. Some special courses such as Concrete Structure and Soil Mechanics are taught thoroughly by providing laboratory work. There are also excursions to supply the students with real condition so the students can match the knowledge obtained from lecture and in the reality. In 2005 we conducted excursion to Jatiluhur Dam which is important to the students took Water Resources Development Course.