Academic Programs

Civil engineers are experts in the planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of the facilities which contribute to modern life such as building, bridges, dams, roads, terminals, harbors, airports, coastal protection, water supply and waste treatment.

Civil Engineering Department at UPH offers two undergraduate curriculum, which are Regular Program and International Dual Degree Program. These programs are designed to develop the graduates

to become leaders of their professional and social communities in the globalization, information and communication technology era
to effectively solve various civil engineering problems through simulation modeling, advances communication and information technologies, critical thinking, a systems perspective, ethical reasoning and environment harmonizing.

The student organization of the department is very active. The student organization sponsor social events, peer advising, career events, and community service, and take part in regional and national engineering design competitions. These activities are excellent ways for students to build the team work spirit, to manage people and projects and to gain design and engineering experiences.

1. Regular Program

This program equips graduate with the theoretical knowledge, skills and professional attributes necessary for careers in civil engineering. The program is focused on safe structures, the proper use of simulation models and applications of communication and information technologies in solving various civil engineering problems. Concentration Details...

2. International Dual Degree Program

The International Dual Degree Program is offered in partnership with the Hanze University Groningen (HG), Netherlands. The program was developed in response to the growing need for civil engineers to cope with the challenges of the globalization especially building awareness of the characteristics and significance of construction projects and infrastructure in Asian and European world, including their technological, economic and social impact. Concentration Details...