Land Surveying Laboratory

Manager :
Fransiscus Mintar Ferry S., MT ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


The Land Surveying Laboratory aids in the development of a fundamental knowledge of Land Surveying to Civil Engineering’s Students and UPH’s Students in common. From some measurements in laboratory working, the various methods in land surveying can be exposing.


The Land Surveying Laboratory has developed some modules to Land Surveying, like as: Distance Measurement, Measuring The Heights of Objects, Surveying by Leveling Equipment, Surveying by one or more Theodolite, Area Calculations (Planimeter) and developing Contour Maps. Research oriented versions of standard performance measurement systems have also been developed and utilized to expand understanding and potential areas of application.

Developed and validated of Leveling Measurement on some of project areas.
Developed and validated of Theodo0lite Measurement on some of project areas.
Measured The Height on Open Areas for designing The Contour Maps.

Studies technical information, computer software, analysis procedures, and data collection systems for both mapping areas’ contour and implementing of layout points and horizontal curves.
The advanced devices available for measuring in high accuracy, like as: EDM Instruments and GPS Instruments.

Giving Service to Other Universities whose plan to do some modules in Laboratory Working The Price is IDR 100.000 / person / module. In one Semester (odd or even), The Maximum Groups are 3 groups. Each group consists of 5 persons.
Giving Service to Other Companies whose plan either to make area’s contour or to control the height/distance in project areas. The Price is IDR 1.500.000,- / ha or IDR 300.000 / day - including Lab. Report.

The Land Surveying Laboratory is run by persons who are the expertise of Civil Engineering with experience in pattern recognition, experimental design and analysis.